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Jun 2013
Concern I am as a mother of three
of young girls and young boys, of today you see
Their parents wake up as early as 3
Spend time at work night and day
Hours of strenuous day
of hot and cold sweat ,
drains most of their energy ,
cooks their brain half dead
just to own some money
the sole breadwinners for family
a total responsibility,
unwritten committment never a burden
for the sake of love for family..sons and daughters

So dear young sons and daughters
Remember to value your parents sacrifices
not only for the material worth
but for their wisdom and virtues
the tears of blood that sometimes fall
to make you human and man of your own
but look at yourself today and ask
how much love have you sacrificed?
to honor these two great people
who'd given everything for you, even their life
to even write a word or two
to appreciate their love and compliment their good deeds
in a form of prose, haiku or poetry

instead everyday you declare to the whole world outside
look this is my man or the woman I love
till death do us part... till eternity
Your parents who've raised
and known you your whole young life
is no longer priority?

How pathetic.. how unfortunate... how sad..
for a second try to put yourselves
in your parents shoes....
imagine their smiles if they are reassured
that your love for them
is not number two....
so... do think wise!
Sharina Saad
Written by
Sharina Saad  Malaysia
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