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Jul 2020
A low crescent moon shining on a dark winter's night
In this forest there's a pond which gives the whole town a fright

This pond has a danger which all the townsfolk know
They have abandoned this whole area to the glamour of snow

The pond is leagues from here, further than a hectare
Upon this forsaken pond at night skates a glowing spectre

A figure all in shadow; in the blackness glowing white
Twirling and gliding in the darkness dancing all through-out the night

Dancing alone so gracefully and serene
Dancing for no-one with no desire to be seen

Her black and blue pond is lined with snowy trees
Blowing from her direction; a cool and ominous breeze

If you try to focus on her the image will surely shift
Her movements appear inhuman, rolling like a snow drift

Doubt your eyes for even a second and she will disappear into shadow
It will appear as if you saw nothing; as if she were sifting snow

For those who have caught sight of her a mere glimpse will not suffice
When she gazes back upon you, you will step out on that ice

I can't say what she'll do to you, although I assume you'll be drowned
I can't even say for certain if a body has ever been found

This may sound like an old wives tale, full to the brim with animosity
Just do yourself a favour my lad, and keep still your curiousity
January 13 2020

Inspired by Algernon Blackwood - The Glamour of Snow

For some reason this one is always invisible
Written by
Juneau  32/M/Ontario
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