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Jul 2020
This is a song I wrote about the corona virus and my personal experience with the 2020 quarantine so far from the viewpoint of a teenager. I wrote this song in 1 day and I’m very passionate to say that this is my very first song I’ve ever written. It was so much fun to write, I just love that I’ve picked up this new skill considering how much I already cherish it. I sampled this song off of the Disney Pixar song “Lava”. I hope you enjoy and I hope this motivates you to keep going, even during these strange times.

“Quarantine” By Farzeen Rashid


I haven’t seen my friends in so long,
It’s been 4 months, thought I’d write this song,
To remind you to be strong,
When you’re home all day long.

On Friday the 13th of March,
Was the day that we diverged.
We had our last normal day,
Before a virus was on its way.

I still remember staring at my phone,
With wide eyes and a woeful groan,
I’d never felt so alone.
One million corona cases,
2020 is all but aces.

Online school was pretty lonely,
I didn’t ever feel quite *****.
But all the Microsoft Team calls,
Reminded me of the school halls.
I’d always get so overjoyed,
Though I’d be dimly paranoid.
If I turn on my mic by chance,
That would be an awkward circumstance.
Did I perhaps forget to mention,
I couldn’t ever pay attention,
During all my online tests,
Even though I tried my best.

Either way I’m happy we survived,
Even when the ****** hornets arrived.
I’ll wear my mask when I go out,
And sanitizer with no doubt.

This year has shown us reality,
Of unjust police brutality.
I’m genuinely hurt and torn,
I will stand and I will mourn,
For the murderer of George Floyd,
Racism never had a past void.
Black lives matter and should be free,
Why don’t you see?
Open your eyes humanity.
I dream a place of equality,
With a stable economy.
I frankly can’t wait to grow up,
Once we’re no longer locked up.
To make this world a better place,
We’ll unite as the human race.

I can’t wait to tell my kids,
I survived a pandemic.
They’ll ask for stories and I’ll say,
Something stupidly cliche.

For now let’s take time to reflect,
About everything we used to neglect,
Like socializing without caution,
And not scrubbing every so often.

I’ve learned a hatful of new skills,
More than I thought I ever will.
From sketching to poetry,
Crochet and embroidery.
Theres so much you can do with this time,
It doesn’t even cost a dime.
Practice all your old hobbies,
Maybe write a fun story?

I thought I’d never say this but,
I miss high school quite a lot.
I can’t wait to go back and see,
All my friends,
And be carefree.
Farzeen Rashid
Written by
Farzeen Rashid  16/F/Surrey BC Canada
(16/F/Surrey BC Canada)   
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