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Jun 2010
Cranes cruelly claw back the Earth's green turfed hair,
These machines, these metallic prehistoric beasts,
Their sharp jagged teeth coldly rip
and tear the Earth's fertile face,
Poles, long and hard and gnarled and rigid,
They plunge viciously into Her soft soil,
These steel shafts of Man's insatiable desire ******
day and night without pause,

This lawless raw **** is ignored,

The crime comes to a gushing ******,
All the raging lust is funnelled
into the Earth's sighing thighs,
She gasps for air but her mouth is heavily gagged,
The Earth, her blood, black as the darkest galaxy,
It is siphoned and pumped away,
Sometimes it is into the sea spilled,
Have you seen the pelican king sinking?

Β©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain
Written by
Rangzeb Hussain
     D Conors
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