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Jul 2020
I'm not completely stupid, that is why I killed Baby Cupid for the arrow shot that had ripped throughout the air, forcing the grandest mistakes that I ever did. ****! I wished he had missed, now my lover had silently slid passed my defenses, completely under the grid to the dying heart, that even as a kid, he was hesitant whenever he tried to get rid of the cursed sins from the Nonparticipant. Heaven forbid something cute hid something wicked deep down within.

I wasn't stupid on the date when I killed Baby Cupid, but now I am trying to right my wrongs before I join the ridiculously long list of depressive songs, that are only remember once you're gone. **** I guess this we should no longer prolong; You were the fool all along, another dead king, ain't that right Mr. Kong? Pity you're another soul counted alongside the tag-a-longs and those whose love was robbed.

Baby Cupid was who got killed for thinking I was stupid. Now I'm wandering into a mental zone: a wicked dessert of thoughts dryer than the bones that are left of both my friends and foes, reminding me that I'm completely and utterly alone. Placing reality on hold, as we try to postpone time in order to save our wary souls before we grow into someone so cold, yet we're no longer innocent as fresh snow. Let us crawl onto our fallen throne, and the peasants behold, King of the Unknown!

What had happened to Baby Cupid, you ask? He was killed for thinking I was completely stupid. Oh, don''t let the tear forming in your eye, because we know the saying "Real Men Never Cry", even when humanity words become vicious lies that they will so happily supply.  We stand our ground, ready to reply to our enemies and allies alike, that we are ready to die for Death is what we deify. We already said our goodbyes on this most beautiful of nights.

We are the Uncleaned
We are forever Unseen
Under the rule of the holy Thirteen
And in Death, we are forever Free
I'm not completely stupid, that why I killed Baby Cupid........
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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