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Jul 2020
I lost my sense of direction.
My poles had shifted,
Looking for any type of beacon.
I am no longer grounded
I pray I find my way back.
It was always there for me
It kept me on the right track
All those times I couldn’t see
When I was lost, I was found.  
It’s not the same without it
Now I can’t find my Campground
Only thing left to do is sit...

I don’t know what to do
It’s been broken for some time
I haven’t got a clue.
There’s no more Rocks left to climb
I see the darkness fall,
It leaves me ice-cold
In this giant forest I feel small.
I’m exposed, anything can unfold
No Fire to keep me warm
These nights feel endless
No protection against a Storm
My Tent is broken, seamless.

Like a captain with no crewmen.
I travel through these woods aimless
This pressure is a heavy burden
I run and run till I’m breathless
Lungs and body are beaten.
All I see is darkness
In this darkness I feel hidden
A sensation of nothing, numbness
All my hope is barren
All I am is faithless
There’s only one name on my mind...
I reach into my pocket, hold it tightly, I need you, my Compass
The Campground represents home, Rocks representing the obstacles of life. Fire is love, and the Tent is heart. The forest itself is death, lost, lonely, and afraid. The most pivotal aspect is the Compass, always keeping people grounded, in this case a person. Their name rhymes with the structure of the passage.
Written by
   Aer, Denise and AJ
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