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Jul 20
I had blood in my eyes but was lost

For years before, drifting like a pupeteered

White shadow being sprung along the pavement.

Remember when I first met you

Your cheeks were like bitten roses

And I could see the hinges of your glasses

As your hair was clipped so short. Broken-hearted Delia

Gambling with someone who'd have done less damage

Left alone. We keep getting ourselves stranded but how far

We've gotten still. I lived long enough to send you the ashes
Of my fallen body double.

You managed to paint the image in the mirror as a butterfly
Without altering a thing. We'll get there.

Remember when I first met you when all we wanted to do was die? Remember when

You first held my hand and I said that that Beatles song didn't sound so cheesy anymore?

No. Because I didn't say that; it would have ruined the moment surely. I might've thought it

Although I'm sorry if I did. When I'm worried I think of the oddest escape clauses; but I'm sure

That moment went by in a peaceful silence. Dead of night.

I ensure your saftey with my life, I think we'll make this worth

every bit of energy we have. Soles slapping the salty concrete

Β Β and capturing frost. The stars are out again. I wonder if they're the same stars. I wonder why they look so different tonight

Than when we look up at them together x
Written by
J J  21/M
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