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Jul 15

Tip-toe to the basin in broad daylight
Look at your reflection in the water carefully
What do you see on the surface, my child?
Yards of skin, paths of lips, rivers of hair...  
Millions of atoms that make you you
Now, look closer


Deeper into the irises of your orbs
Can you see an odd twinkle in the depths?
Can you see your soul burning in the pits?
We're not merely human, my love
We're spirits behind a mask
Of mortality.

My best friend came over today and was asking me really deep questions. So, if you're wondering, that's probably why this poem is deep, ha ha!

As you can see, I am getting pretty creative with the format of my poems. I am really happy with how they're turning out. Aren't you?
Samantha Szumloz
Written by
Samantha Szumloz  F/New Jersey
(F/New Jersey)   
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