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Jul 15
Been peep'n at the world
through my
So peep this my people
And if I may happen to offend?
You can go ahead and bleep this
Freedom of speech
That's about to breach barrier's
Or should I say
Marketing to fix the visuals in the
Cause we're all intellectual
Intelligent individuals
About to take the next leap tho
Feeling froggy?
Well we can play leap frog for a
Leap Year
On the calendar like Spring
We leap wherever clarity brings
the most satisfaction of
Different factions and streams of
So do I have an Alibi on my side?
Who's in my Circle
Circle Yes or No
Partakers of the Do or Die
A Ride or Die?
The Millennial Language
A subject of the who what when
And the wonder whys of Life
But all subject to the Majesty
Ruling just beyond the heights
Of Higher Heights
And Deeper Depths
Now wether On or Off
The topic of Intelligent Design
Has been avoided
Which is
A human error in an era
But Yo
Let's just call it what it is
Human beings being
Cell-shaded with Self-hatred
Discriminated against
With no Basis
By other Races
May deem Racist
Stuck in this Matrix
We slowly
I see points being made on both sides of the situation and I see the faults on both sides as well. But where is the neutral ground in all of this choas if we are mostly fighting because we have different views and opinions of what's happening? That being said, I've decided to use tags from each side of the argument, in order to get all eyes onto coming up with a better and lasting solution to all of this. And in my humble opinion the only answer is for us to turn to God ( A prequel to " Prototype S " )
Egø PrOfETa
Written by
Egø PrOfETa  M/USA
   ConnectHook, Imran Islam and Aponi
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