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Jul 15
it's funny
the way my lips move
in times of uncertainty
the way my hips sway
in times of distress
the way my fingers dance
along each finger tip
feeling one another
trying to grasp the tangible

i've tangled myself between
too many bedsheets
to not understand that
what is in front of me is "it"
that what it in front of me -
is all i've ever yearned for

i've tripped over myself
on too many sidewalk cracks
where i drew my heart
in sidewalk chalk
hoping you wouldn't step on it

i've suffocated my lungs
in too many embraces
that i have a hard time coming to my senses
and differentiating
or love

i've been let down too many times
that my fingers
and toes
can't keep track anymore
Written by
E B  25/F/San Francisco
(25/F/San Francisco)   
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