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Jul 14
He will continue to bless, You will continue to rebel
Perhaps it is true when they say
You seek what you can't have
You seek what you can't get
You want to be everything that you aren't
Even if it means trading the universe for a speck of dust
I'm awed at whoever claimed failure and deprivation defeats
Because it does it so beautifully so;
Rages the hunger, fuels the fire
Brings thy existence on a duel such
The quest to attain stands against you;
And yet with you
Invites an attack yet keeps the move at bay
The answers - an enemy in disguise
Feed unto your conscience
The war rages within,
And in the end;
That which becomes thy hunger
Is thy own flesh.
Pardon me - but it's actually funny how the Almighty has made us all so incredibly unique, master of our own domain, and how desperately we try to fit in and how eagerly we seek common identities.
Romaisa Abbas
Written by
Romaisa Abbas  19/F/Wonderland
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