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Jul 13
In this bright yellow house
Cooking always is possible
Always takes place in a very relaxed and playful way
In this house
Nothing comes in which
The calm love on purpose
Only occasionally a fiery
Argument stirs
Inside it
In the yellow house
You are always
Always respected for who and what you are
In the yellow house your loved one
Is with you even if he goes to travel
For a bit
Even if she goes
To travel
The doors of this house are never closed
For those who like to come inside for honest reasons
Or just to share a simple cup
Of coffee on the front porch
This house knows
Neither age nor fashion
Does not swing with anything that forms
Under pressure
The windows of this house are
Always open
Even when closed at night
In this house you do not ever need
To doubt yourself since
Everything is made by yourself for yourself and others
You do not even need to leave
This house for work because now
The work comes to you
When ready
Because the house has such suitable bright rooms
Green leaves everywhere
That everything that belongs into it
Does fit perfectly
The yellow house does not really know
Clock time
Although it knows very well how to
Accommodate earthly rhythms and make
Things work playfully
The walls and facade of this house are always colourful
And change according to seasons and mood
This is a poem that is never finished
Just like the house
And so It shall be
Written by
Me  Here and Now
(Here and Now)   
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