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Jun 2013
She was a goddess
amongst mear mortals
and I was a peasent
that wanted to be a knight
so I could be her prince charming.
She always gave me little looks
and her father said I would never be good enough
but I made it my life to prove him wrong.
So I collected as much  silver and gold as I could
and I bought me a shanky *** little horse.
I fed that horse
and trained it to be big and strong
soon I was ready to fight for the heart of the Princess
So I managed to get myself some armor it took me a long time to build it up
but when I did my armor was stronger then anyone elses.
Mine was built threw blood, sweat, and tears
and in building this armor I had no fear of loosing
I had no fear of her stupid father because I was comming in with something the
other fighters didnt have and that was love.
The others wanted the Princess for the family money
I wanted to Win her heart
and even if I loose
I know in trying I won already.
The battle came and I was shivering
not in fear but in knowing that I made it to the big show
I got my horse ready fed it a apple before, tied my armor straps tight around my waist
and got ready to fight for my Princess.
The first battle went fast my horse was to fast for the other horse and the man layed flat on his back.
The second man gave a little bit more of a fight you could tell he was from wealth and might
he tagged my shoulder but I stayed upright. I took the corner around back at him and got ready
WAM nailed him right in the sternum he went down like a rock in the water.
The final and most precious battle came
and it was a sword fight
I forgot to make a good sword I thought this was gonna be a horse match.
I had two small blades to his mighty majestic sword. People said this guy was a Demi God the Alpha male
but I wasnt afriad. I got myself ready and prepared for him to  make a mistake I noticed the land was covered in holes from the previous races. He comes running at me without seeing these holes and trips and falls basically right infront of me I jump on his fallen body and slice his throaght and the crowd goes silent. All you can here is the Princess's heart start beating again.
Jay Jimenez
Written by
Jay Jimenez  31/M/Faribualt Minnesota
(31/M/Faribualt Minnesota)   
   Kyleigh Anne
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