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Jul 2020
I was at the bottom,
Of a dreary,
Bottomless pit.
I had to spiral up,
Out of the trench,
Pushing myself,
And combating,
The psychological trauma.
I was battling toppling boulders,
With nothing,
But my numb hands,
And my tense mind.
It was as if I found myself,
Once I hit the light,
At the end,
Of a bottomless pit.
I was able to see what I couldn’t see for months,
The bright light,
Of a hopeful future.
I was able to walk,
Away from that pit,
And run,
Run far away from the pit,
But not far enough.
Whenever I turn around,
To reflect on my past,
I can still see that pit.
It always reminds me,
Of how strong I am,
To be able to climb out of a dark place,
But whenever I ponder on that pit,
It will be trivial,
And small enough,
That it won’t tug me back in again.
But now,
After running miles,
I can soar.
I was once at the bottom of an infinite pit,
But now I’m flying high,
With the birds.
Farzeen Rashid
Written by
Farzeen Rashid  16/F/Surrey BC Canada
(16/F/Surrey BC Canada)   
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