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Jul 2020
Long ago you left.
But not long enough.
You are a multiple.
Become a section of my brain.
You are haunting my dreams.

Left long ago.
But you’re still in my head.
You haven’t left scars.
These wounds are still open.

Why did you have to be like that.
You were everting I was not.
Why did you have to ruin
The only bit of me I had.
Why have I let you win.

Did you even want to win?
Were you losing in your mind?
Often wondering,
What hurt you so much
That you had to hurt me?

I don’t want to give you sympathy.
But I can’t help it.
I hope your problems healed.
Did I help your wounds
Become scars?

I hope so.
Otherwise what was the point?
I’ll heal my own wounds.
I won’t be the cause of someones.
I don’t pass on my pain.
Title is an anagram.
Written by
Claira Lymei  20
   Imran Islam
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