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Jul 2020
You lack the mentality and the knowledge
Brain dead sitting in a self-made cell you imprison yourself
You're not free my friend, you're still an inmate
With not enough brain cells to realize that you're a prisoner
Still shackled to a falsehood
A false hood is where you're from
You wear a hood and a mask to hide that fact, trying to cloak visible lies
Your invisible disguise is too obvious
Concealment revealed!
Yet another failed attempt at attempting to be
Which is the typical human thought process which does not compute in the
mind of the
For among us they watch and study us like fungus
Even though they walk and talk among us act like us even look like us
But don't trust'em
Come on!
Just open up your eyes and stop walking blind!
In plain sight they hide invisible to the Naked Eye
For the Nephilim is them the Fallen Angels are kin
Abominations of sin made in corruption
Conceptions of Sin
Thus says the Book of Enoch
So don't mock!!
For the information is viable reliable pliable for survival my friend
And as for the other 66 books of the Bible?
Well.. Trust me
If I could sum it all up?
It is not to be taken lightly and the signs are not to be trifled with
I'm not even scratching the surface with this one. And as I was writing, I was telling myself these same words in a narrative sense for none of us truly know it all
EgΓΈ P r O f E T a
Written by
EgΓΈ P r O f E T a  M/@erik_trell_blazer
   Imran Islam
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