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Jul 2020
Expergefacient MOR rentagobs
compere the googoo reveille
of soliciting R 'n' B
& commodified classicrock,
jerking the Marionettes of Mammon
back into jobscurity, from peon
dreams of dream workshyness.
Yet mad as a tess-

eract of toads how
- despite lippitude winning mainly
worms - attractively most worker zees
still view lariats of elbow-
grief, thief of metime (& zeetime).
Tho' metime would be zeetime
were I a meatpuppet of mundane Mammon.
Pinky? Perky? Nah, they're just gammon.

O Marionettes of Mammon
hustled by systemic rigging
to their appointed watertreading
rung upon
an obscene ladder
of several dozen scatmunchers,
or to their rightful lowly station
in humancentipede of horizontal promotions.

A zillion days of bumbling evolution,
Hanuman centipede evanesces into the flimsy
future. Bleedingedge of ontology
nurdle-gazes, collogues no conclamation
of Union Jacquerie in the mirror,
but sells an English midsummer's
day for a dinodollar. American Ian Beales
ply the ch'i-eating artofthedeal,

convincing kine the controlbar binds
neo-Dickensian diet Coketown puppets
not to a few cantillionaire marionettists,
but dystopian furniture of their own minds,
catchpenny capitalistrealism that mugs
'em off en masse. Fear pea soup thugs,
sweat the smallstuff, but this jittery planet
of glittery gannets

will be veneraformed
by Planet Ponzi passing as Planet Ennui.
But 1st, thick as hegemolina the sea
w/ flyfishingtipt Yarmouthgnomes,
other Anadarko pets, plasticrust-
ed plasticrustaceans. 1st,
binwaterlogged will be Wall
St., more effectively occupied. Control

bar's shadow l/ electioneerwings
of ******'s Junkers uber Deutsch-
land. Puke pursuit of loot exploits
a tier jerks cursed w/ forswinking
p-strings taut, parallel as Government Sachs.
Drudgery a tragedy we bleat terse stats
to propup, l/ the dragongob
of shrugging Atlas collateralises smog.

Dangler Atlas, Bilderberg Stromboli,
whose intangible tubby tentacles
hebdomade Hell, which superstructural
whimsies gussy up w/ Gadarene piggy-
banks' consumaspasm, or paupertunistic
perks l/  silverwarelined tabard or tunic
(to help w/ the cost of livery). Mammon-
ionettes' mecha grins chagrin

me. It's not white drapetomania'll see
me selffurloughed for foreseeable sunsets; idealist  
this Great Abscondologist: I'm no polterheist
p-string pullerman's piperspree presentee.  
Seldom is an evil puppetmaster laissezfaire.
One of the strings attached is a Corbyn sanitaire.
If needs must, I'll mitt the moolah then go.
Only zeroes dream of zeroes.
Lysander 'Lice' Hardy-Pearce
Written by
Lysander 'Lice' Hardy-Pearce  42/M/East Anglia, England
(42/M/East Anglia, England)   
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