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Jul 2020
Capturing what you want to see
In the shattered picture frame
Putting the pieces together on your own Wearing rose tinted shades
Hearing your own jovial melody
To the song that's out of tune
Talking yourself through
The same familiar feeling in your room
You'd find flowers there
And be better prepared
If you only saw them bloom

If only you listened
They'd tell you what's missing
In your spaces in between
And how you're the only one
When all is said and done
Who still waits and believes

Your faith is mistaken
Your pain is misshapen
Forever replacing
Another clever ruse
For you're only delusional
And never fooling anyone else
When you think you get to choose
Written 05Jul20 @1130 CST
THE Apache Tomcat
Written by
THE Apache Tomcat  A clothing store
(A clothing store)   
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