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Jul 6
Time without how?
Trying the blessing of alive and sound
Today is a greater man, to allow
Terror and a **** end, to a prayer found...?

Looking the other way...
Stirring home with a role in patience
Simple question's come to mind, to same
Long before I remember have, love was my fate?

Sense to honor, sense to aid
The times are a treasure sent to the known...
Welcoming the fancy, the antsy and the intellect to sate
I see with my little eyes, a reason in catch and comb...

Marvel with him...
And add true the dole we save for a conscience
That has a lift of spirit, to accept the toil of limits
To the decency we afford, and cause curious, see is our lessons

Merry with his...
Today is a younger vice, than candor can ostensibly afford...
Looking for obvious each, and the person of reality to is
The rationality of a care in the same, have my word?

Marry with he...
Life in the torrid, and profuse example?
To work in unison that completes, the energy
We found in love, to know the calm of staidness like a health

Mercy with us...
Is a looking man, to keep the best of problems for all and modesty?
Rises and falls, of considering the tout of uncertainty, to discuss
A reaching home, with a risk on its shoulder, and hip to guess...

Memory with silence...
Has a voice that begins here, to say the obvious
If not the share of possibility, that some ask sense and sins
If a ghost has cares and efforts in the since, we are lady love...?
Written by
David Hilburn  51/M/Des Moines, Iowa
(51/M/Des Moines, Iowa)   
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