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Jun 2013
You're so brave.
You say all of the things to me
that I've always wished I could say to you.
Somehow your kisses mean more than mine ever could
they're holding the remnants of your honeyed words.
And every time I see you I want to tell you the truth
I want to say it when we're leaving the train station, walking down the block, grabbing coffee, kissing by our elementary school.
And every time I see you, you steal my words away
So I'll make jokes, talk fast, run away, dart around all of the things I've ever wanted to do.
I can't imagine why you keep me around, always choking at the last moment
"I love, being with you"
"I love, the way your breath feels on my skin"
"I love, how you manage to hold me, even when I'm walking away"
And I do love all of those things. All of these moments with you,
moments that will be gone before they've begun.

And, my dear, my one, my only, my sun, my sweetie, my all
Those moments with you are what make it at once
so easy and so hard
to love you this much.
Cara Anna
Written by
Cara Anna  New Joisey
(New Joisey)   
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