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Jun 29
When you're brown you have to be the best brown, because non-browns always assume the browns are not good enough, or smart enough.
Being brown means that non-browns will always doubt your ability.
Being brown also means you cannot point out the stigma of being brown because non-browns will look at you as if you’re jaded. That your brown anger is out of place in this non-brown world.

Where non-browns give you backhanded compliments like “this brown is so well spoken” or “this brown is amazing because they’re graduating, I bet this brown is the first in their family to graduate”.

As the non-browns eat their tacos from Taco Bell and hold claims to be fluent in my Latin brown culture.
This brown doesn’t want your non-brown backhanded compliments.
This brown has something to say, I am brown cubed. I am the second generation from my Mexican brown roots.
I am educated. I come from a long line of educated, strong, proud Latina women brown.
And on the behalf of my proud, educated, strong lineage brown.
Such a well spoken non-brown.
Dedicated to my inspiration Jose Gonzalez
Alexandria Markley
Written by
Alexandria Markley  35/F/Waterford ct
(35/F/Waterford ct)   
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