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Jun 27
Painful is the feeling I experience when I hear the songs you left me with.

I heard someone laugh the same laugh that you did...and I felt my heart sink.

I often ponder you, wondering why I ponder you, but to no avail, I've yet to gain that answer.

It's the bite of bitter experience that I sink before; what did I do to need to go through such trivial...*******?

That's a repetitive thought that dances through my mind.

I sometimes wonder if I am blind, or if maybe I've gone crazy, but lately, I feel like I've been simply trying to decode this puzzle our scenario has placed on my heart.

I'm no longer looking for closure; it was never promised. I am looking for detachment, because I feel less human the more I'm reminded of your existence.

I hope, somehow, this is something I will laugh at in the future.
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
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