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Jun 2013
Slow tunes playing somewhere in the background,
never emptying glasses of wine
talk flowing,
mood feels right tonight
beautiful by my side.

You pull me close... 
so hard…  
I feel the wings of butterflies.

Fingers lace through my hair,
whispers spoken,
“all mine.”

Lips brush against mine
a glint full lust in dark eyes

Smothered in kisses you catch me by surprise, fill me with your size.

Out of breath laid out on a tangled mess,
layers torn,
exposing my breast.

Then the devil did he take over clouding your mind,
You bite!

Blood curdling cries,
entirely at your mercy,
you brand me in so many places.

You take me from behind,
hard and fast you ******,
enjoying what you took.

We both know this is my end,
i beg for it,
need of it,
I feel the cold steel as you slice

Throat slit claret spills,
I fall to the pool on my side.

The last thing I see as my life fades
 is a linger of
dark eyes,
as you watch me die....

My body in all its glory,
slowing decomposing,
ravaged by creatures under moon light.

     "people aren't always what they seem....."

thought i would try something dark.   .
Sammie wells
Written by
Sammie wells  England
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