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Jul 13
Ice we keep
In deep pockets and sore eyes
Looking well, for a space to reap
The rise of joy, as a callous dole we were, sigh's

Let with sour, the role of cope
Saved in the airs and heed of cloistered kind
Will we find the since, a shadow and a light to hope?
Powers of entourage to carry forth, the mind

Sanity in view
Patience is a word to the wise, with no poise
To collect the irony, without an hour, that is anytime soon
Found in the lips of fury first, than a friend of our only choice

Ice is an enemy...
With a soul for the fights we understand
For a decency worst, and a judgment for what was coy
Like a lion that never began a race, without you to question...

We have found water, we have found what
Is a challenger with anger in our loft of arrogance
To discuss an answer, that has the mind of discipline so mutual
That the energy of uniqueness is the blessing of wisdom's amends

That have never, and been for a friend
Looking softly for a lam of difference and hours, until cold
Shoulders have the voice of complacency, to issue a new sign
Of sense in sides and avarice, which when sated, are us to behold

Lots of words no one can understand, without becoming one
**** or the obvious smart, the hindrance we avoid is us anew
That has become the house and home, of mediocrity we won
From the silent and chiding swallow, we never knew, without you
Written by
David Hilburn  51/M/Des Moines, Iowa
(51/M/Des Moines, Iowa)   
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