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Jun 25
06 10 2020

Let this be my goodbye
to that gold us, three years ago

it is raining once again
after that long summertime
when I found my skin stressed
and rough
and uglier, maybe

as I stayed up
in my holy place
the warm breeze from the outside
and cool air from the fan
touch my inglorious body
like how those bittersweet, melodramatic memories
touch my scarred soul

I hear the birds chirping
and I wonder if it’s a song
of sorrow
or of joy–
singing to the neighborhood
that the rainy season has begun

or maybe,
it’s just some of their small talk
and perhaps,
it’s just me trying so hard
to look mysteriously poetic

but here I am,
holding back the river
as I write this entry,
and as I ponder with the rain

how I remember those days
staying up late in my holy place
asking God how you are

and I remember when we walked
through that heavenly forest,
we heard the birds chirping
but I never wondered if they sang
out of their sorrow,
or of their joy

I remember that small talk –
how I wish we had it a little longer
I remember not trying so hard
to be me
when you just made everything so real
and so dreamy–that I don’t want to wake up from this ever again,
at the same time

but now
is the time
when I don’t want to sleep
until I could finally bid goodbye–
and as I do,
I want to remember that moment
that moment
for the last time;
that moment

when we first said hello
in August, three years ago

that was in August,
three years ago.

Maraming salamat sa'yo, aking kaibigan, aking kapatid. :)
Written by
Brianna Samson
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