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Jun 2020
darkness, the unlight
whats left when light is gone
what was before it came
it is not made it simply is

light can only pierce the darkness
but darkness is everywhere
the moon and stars are but lighthouses
beacons in the night

only on earth do darkness and light
appear to be equals
and only on earth is darkness seen as the evil side
but not in the reality of the universe

when the sun eventually burns out there will be darkness
when all else ceases there will be darkness
nothing can stop it
for it is its own source
and feeds upon itself

it is the alpha and the omega of natural evolution
it is the sea from which came the light
the fertile breeding ground of the universe
the womb that gave us life
and when life ends it is the welcome home

the calm before the storm that is life
and the tranquility when it ends
Written by
Lou Romano  59/M/Miami, FL
(59/M/Miami, FL)   
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