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Jun 24
As the maiden sinks down and down
A few more seconds, and she will drown
What a coincidence, for at this instant
The prince is there, coexistent

As he watches the beautiful maiden fall
His fatherโ€™s rules he canโ€™t recall
He swims over and quickly saves
The maiden who fell beneath the waves

The prince brings her over to the sands
And crawls up upon the human lands
Quietly he sings his sorrowful songs
And goes back to the water where he belongs

The witch watches with spiteful delight
As the maiden blinks in the incoming light
The maiden knows not of the prince appearing
Only the voice she remembers hearing

The prince swims back to his palace home
Coated with seashells and draped with foam
His father would never approve, he thought
So him leaving was not for naught

How he hates his responsibilities
No point dwelling on impossibilities
Or on the maiden heโ€™s forbidden to see
How he just wishes to be free
Written by
   BR Dragos
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