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Jun 24
Once about a time, she began
There was a kingdom no one knew
It resides underneath the waves
Entered and seen by few

In the sea, these creatures swam
With not two legs, but a tail
They had shining sparkles and flares of light
At the teardrop of each scale

They were different, these creatures were
Not many know the truth
They had beauteous faces, and shining skin
And forever remained in their youth

Some say they have magic, simple spells
But wicked sorcery is what’s said by the rest
Spells and power that rattle the stars
It is said it’s what they do best

Some men say that they’ve spotted them on
The journeys upon which they embark
But these men think foolish fantasies
And are complacent in the dark

For these creatures are never seen
Forbidden to lay eyes on the lands
They stick to their homes beneath the waves
Away from the human sands

So some say they’re only a myth
But they’re just not there to dwell
So listen closely, listen here
For I have a tale to tell
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