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Jun 20
Make your plans with real intent
Don’t let your life play out by chance
Yet plans can still be light and fun
When you do the prosperity dance

Combine your goals in playful ways
Step by step - your life enhance
Consider well what matters most
When you do the prosperity dance

Engage in things that stir your soul
Even when others look askance
Your life is yours to shape and build
When you do the prosperity dance

You know the inner world comes first
Do “Spirit-Creation” in advance
And watch your visions come to pass
When you do the prosperity dance
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My life goes better when I dance. I don't mean literally dancing, but a playful moving between activities rather than grinding through a huge list of "to do" items. The Prosperity Dance is a mindset that improves life and builds prosperity.

The prosperity dance involves choosing what's truly important for the day, which means some things fall out and just don't get done. That's OK! The prosperity dance also involves creatively involving other people in your projects (and doing the same for them).

Yes, it's a lot to fit into a short poem. It also includes spiritually creating events and scenarios ahead of time, which always helps them play out better.
Christopher Westra
Written by
Christopher Westra  53/M/Utah
     Sk Abdul Aziz, Eman and Christopher Westra
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