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Jun 2020
Once we were suckers for pain,
We were imprisoned by the chains created by our once naive, weak brains. Tortured with images of our innocent actions, all of them apparently done in vain, as special mixture that could only be explained as demonic, was then injected directly into our veins. Those of us that didn't get to enjoy Death's sweet embrace, were driven mentally insane. Now we emerge from the Ninth Circle of Hell, deep within the endless abyss down below, a horrific shell of a Man, so broken and so hollow, replacing chances of better days with deep sorrows. For this World is so, so cold that it forces us to bet our only souls in this twisted game that that aren't even allowed to fold.

Why couldn't they let us be?
Why couldn't they let us live our worthless Life without such an indivisible fee? They concocted and twisted the bounds of this, once unscathed, reality so that all creatures, including humanity, could be nothing more than measly property controlled by a trivial paper currency. We are finally pushed to our brink.

Don't you consider it quite unique?
They laugh at us for wearing our colored rags, while covered completely in beautiful mink. Can't you see that we've been hoodwinked, as they spill our blood over the lands as easily as ink, and those "Relation" ships have begun to sink. Now we must attack before they have a chance to even think.

No longer is it time for pointless words and unless advise! We should no longer be their personal sacrifices for amusement or another batch of lab mice use for testing, but let's show Them this World's heart that they turned into ice. We may have stood in last place, because we were once too nice, but it's finally our turn to roll the dice. Our vengeance will be swift, and our strikes will be precise!
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez
Written by
Rodrigo Martinez Lopez  24/M/75001
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