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Jun 18
I would love to be soft.
I am razor edges.
I am bitterness.
I am grudges.
I am a bad cup of coffee and I’ll never go there again.
I am might even write a bad review, or 200.
I am rough and angry.
I am betray me once and I’ll pretend you don’t exist.
I am ruin your life, wish you never met me.
I am a fight with words instead of fists.
I am I know words hurt more.
I am proud to win that fight.
I am hateful.
I am don’t forgive and definitely don’t forget.
I am cut you off quicker than I cut my wrists.
I am scary.
I am don’t tell her or she’ll never talk to me again.
I am how could you take someone else’s side.
I am you’re not my friend anymore.
I am you’re not my family anymore.
I am *******.
I am **** on your name.
I am not forgiving.
I am not approachable.
I am not tender and loving.
I am not kind.
I am venom.
I wish I could be soft.
I wish I could be give more chances.
I wish I could be forgive and forget.
I wish I could be mistakes happen.
I wish I could be soft curves and gentle caresses.
Written by
   BR Dragos
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