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Jun 17
Intelligence lives within
The castle of delusion..
As blank as a bleached canvas!
The enigma of existence still lingers
In the Universe,
As a lost soul..
Everything which did and didn't took Birth in the cosmos,
Plays the tune of the wit of matter,
Releasing the effervescence of the fathomless galaxies!
Nature may be the ultimate sorcerer...
The earth,the water,
The microscopic cell
And even the smokey nebulas
In the space ..
Seems magical,
With spells of eternity!
Chaos dances with order
Just as
Plainness with complexities...
At the edge of Newtonian physics, Chained to Quantum mechanics!
The glories and nuisances which colours the Earth,often sharpens
The Daggersย ย of deft,
For the mighty river of both minute and vast talents
Flows through all dimensions!
"The knight in illusionized armour"
Furnish the ignorant voids within us But empties what we already know!
The darkness of obscurity
Theย ย light of expression
bleeds through us...
Assembling the mighty cosmos
That we know
Through our finitely infinite
Dull yet ignited minds!
Wrote this poetry in collaboration with Godfrey!! He gave the outline and I added what I could! Obviously, I think I'm better at spontaneous writes yet I enjoyed writing this!
Thanks for reading!
It is based on the typical stereotype of intelligence!
Written by
Diya  18/F
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