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Jun 2020
If everything that's meant to be will be, no matter what;
If every line is written, and every bullet shot;
Is this just a balance, between the cold and hot?
Is choosing how we feel, the only choice we've got?

Why do we fear the future, and what it might not bring?
Why can we not just love to love; allow our voice to sing?
Why do we fear to just let go, and drift upon the wing?
Why do we go in blindly, each time our ego rings?

Why do we choose to feel so cold, and empty from inside?
Why do we choose to feel these things; why do we choose to hide?
Why do we brush away the lonely tears we have cried?
Why do we choose defence, and push our love aside?

Can we not just choose to feel a fuller love instead?
Is a feeling born from just a thought within our head?
Can we not find peace in feel, put worries, now, to bed,
Will that give us lighter heart and lift this weight of lead?

If every task is written, and all our days have run,
Then are we just our shadows, here to dance beneath the sun?
Are we seeking prizes and rewards already won?
Are we here, adrift in dream, both ended and begun?

We fight for our existence; we feel we have control;
We fight for things around; base our worth on 3D goals.
We fight for all outside of us to make us feel more whole,
And all this time, ignoring the shadows of our soul.

Why do we chase and waste this time that isn't really here?
Why do we go on clinging to the lives we built on fear?
Why do we just allow the weight of grief to hold our tears,
If we are merely passing in the moment we appear?

Time to put a stop to this and put the clock away;
Time to find the drifted dreams, and learn to have more play;
Time to choose to love yourself, and live your life today,
For shadows of the sun are simply here to find their sway.

Feel the heat and feel the cold; find balance in between;
Don't allow the darkness to push away your gleam.
Allow your heart to lift, and rise to all your dreams,
As you sway and drift your shadow, forever on the stream.

Heather Lea
Written by
Heather Lea
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