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Jun 2013
I ache

smiles glow like mobile little campfires
warming the room
comfy, cozy. home.
you are home in this place, because they're here.

arms wrap around shoulders and hug
them tight
comforting, together.
you belong here, because they're here.

eyes closed in laughter one minute
sparkling with care the next
depth, affection.
you are loved here more than anywhere, because they're here.

you breathe the air and taste the
sweetness of familiar voices,
snuggle into the cadences and timbres
instantly recognizable as

this is a special place,
this place where you belong.
this place where you're together.

like an old favorite blanket
you have given the memory to me
of belonging with you
to wrap around my shoulders and
hug close when I am touched
by the chilling fingers
of sadness.

I ache
because I miss it, yes
but mainly because
it is such a beautiful thing
it hurts.
This is not a metaphor. This is a visceral thing.

*It would be insensitive of me not to include the other POV, which is that the person who is the inspiration for this poem is lost and a little broken like the rest of us and feels a deep and complete non-belonging, which is tragic because of how readily available belonging is here and because of how easily that feeling can be mistaken from the outside.
Amelia Glass
Written by
Amelia Glass  22/NY
   ---, Simpleton, Rlavr, ---, Prabhu Iyer and 3 others
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