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Jun 15
mid-june and in my country, it starts to rain
while in yours, it starts to heat up your days
our clouds present us different things
and i realize,
no matter how much i like rainy days,
i still long for how your sunny days felt like

you make me grow a garden of emotions
daisies and marigolds and honeysuckles
i could list summertime flowers until sunrise
iris, roses, and dandelions
what is more blameless than your hair being swept up by the wind?
any way, the daydream growing in me would either end up overflowing or exploding
and i would want it again

but sun child,
how could i not
when your laughter is of the sea being pulled by the moon
the zeal in your eyes comes in waves
and i am surfing. diving and dipping
in the way your voice sounds when you sing
i pull up to the surface drenched in awe
what is more enchanting than to watch you on the music?
ocean, lakes, swimming pools, rivers
cocktails, shores, names, lovers
there is no greater bliss than the gently delight you bring

"you are so lovely," i tell you at five in the afternoon by the waters
sunset and cold wind is passing by my skin
i am getting drunk on you
the moon glistening on the ocean is
just the stars in your eyes
i can feel the sunlight's warmth seep through my skin to my bones and settle in my chest
any way, it's either gonna overflow or explode
and there's something i want to tell you:
this is how loving you feels like, my love.

it rains in my place and the sun shines in yours
but i get back to loving you
and it was summertime
to my summertime rainγ…‘ksy, happiest birthday. loving you is summertime.
Written by
     Johnny Scarlotti, NITIN MUKESH and V
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