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Jun 2020
She was of the waters;
He loved her in her flow.
He held her close, allowed her heart
To blossom and to grow.

He was of the earth;
She needed his strong ground.
He was her comfort blanket;
Her loving warm surround.

She was of the air;
He craved for all her thought.
Each dream she had created,
Without a blink he bought.

He was of the fire;
She hungered for such burn.
His passion just ignited
Every hidden yearn.

But elementary they fall;
Both craving their complete;
Blindly following their call,
The fire brought on heat.

For though they both were hoping
To hide their secret pains,
Their need to love completely
Was pulsing through their veins.

So the water washed a river,
But the fire burned it dry.
The earth it tried to force a ground,
Where air just begged to fly.

Each so unaware
Of their elementary needs;
Ego dancing shadows,
Blindly led by greed.

But such a force they were,
For together they had power,
For one to grow in strength;
For one to bloom and flower.

The universe created
The chaos that ensued,
Forcing both to hunger
Without a chance of food.

So fall it did become of them;
Broken both in pain;
Separated from each heart
To rise alone again.

Soon the water found her fire
And the earth became with air;
Balanced in each force of strength
As one, but everywhere.

Then there came a calling
From the winds above,
For both to join together;
Connected still through love.

Now they live in balance
For finally they see,
That both desire each other
For the parts their soul did need.

Now they are as one
Both full with love aglow,
And the pain that grew their love
Has helped them both to grow.

Together now in balance;
Each element within.
Never now to question love;
Now bonded under skin.

Heather Lea
Written by
Heather Lea
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