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Jun 2020
sinking out at sea, badly out of breath  
i'm crowning against the water's navy crest  
swarmed are clowning sirens here to laugh at me  
all swam from so far to come and watch in gladly
smiling as they see my slow, stressful wade to death  
laughing as my arms and legs do their very best

if they were kind  
if they would listen  
i'd beg them for  
the air i'm missing:

come kiss me, please,
that's all i'm asking
come kiss me, please,
my lungs are collapsing

you exhale, i'll inhale  
i'll make you a trade  
i'll help fix the oil spill  
by your ocean's bay

mother nature and her water-daughter entrapping me  
and things are getting dark as i drift down in the deep  
seasick from the water that never ceases to seep  
while everything that makes me, me begins to leave  
there goes my compassion, and there my memory  
there goes my god, and everything i've believed

i couldn't tell you the names of my friends anymore  
i can't remember the colour of my bedrooms door  
i think in the arms of the ocean my memory sailed away  
there's nothing i can remember, not even from today  
i don't know if this is suicide or what i would do that for  
i don't know anything except for that i want no more

sweet sirens, if you're still near me  
i know you could hear me,  
i need you, please, I am so weary

come kiss me, please,
that's all i'm asking
come kiss me, please,
my lungs are collapsing

exhale into my mouth  
i want to live now and  
i want to come out,  
i'm washed free of doubt

seafoam sweeps along, i’m swallowed in the sea
faring my final moments, my body failing me
next up is a trial deciding will i be punished or go free
the jury knows what i’ve done, it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen
but i’m only dreg, a shadow of the person i used to be
so is justice just that when all that i was has unravelled away from me?
jack cariad leon
Written by
jack cariad leon  26/Androgynous/AU
   Bogdan Dragos and ---
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