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Jun 12
Every thought I think
Flows wild and free
An independent entity

Like fruit from a tree
Or a king’s decree
Sent forth to all - a gift from me

Every thought I think
Carried with power
Flowing from me hour by hour

I start my thoughts
Yet they don’t end there
They travel quickly everywhere

So I’ll keep choosing
My best thoughts to share
And inviting all - to think with care
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Our thoughts are real - and they do travel..! They have an independent existence. You can use this truth in so many ways.

Explore this poem and treat your thoughts with loving care! They matter to you and they matter to others. We have free will, yet our thoughts do influence others (for good or ill). Together, let's make this for GOOD.
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Christopher Westra
Written by
Christopher Westra  53/M/Utah
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