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Jun 2020
Go back to your country!
- I was first told this by the age of 2
Back then,
I wasn’t able to tie my own shoe
But still,
I knew even back then
That this would become
A returning trend

Go back to your country!
- Note: it’s rude to say this to guests
A visitor in your own home
Should feel safe and conformable
Not scared and uneasy

Go back to your country!
- but if you want us to go back
Why do you keep your door open?
Why boast about your
National kindness and hospitality
This is recurring theme
In this countries history!

Go back to your country!
- wait
Are you seriously intimidated by me?
Does this simple pigment make you feel uneasy?
Are my beliefs really that alien to you?
….or are you saying you feel better
Knowing that someone somewhere
Has it worse than you?

Go back to your country!
- hell no
Are you saying that you
Feel comfort in knowing
That you’re sending me to war?
To starve to death?
To hear my children
Cry themselves to sleep
Or to death?
That sending my family back
Would mean
We’d all get rapped
Butchered and used
And displayed across your T.V screens
Ghax is-suwed slvagg

I am a part of this country
I was raised here
I have my life, family, friends
I got my education, health, driving licence, job
Haq Alla, anke dan
Il-liba Malti taghlimt!
I have my life here
I am one of you!

But I’m still told
To go back to my country
Women still
Hold their bags closer to them
As I walk past
Fearing I’d rob them
Mothers still pull their kids closer
As I walk past
Or funnier still
The cross to the other side of the street
Little girls, or teens -
Because these days you can’t tell the difference -
Call their parents, or better yet
The police
"Ghax hawn imigrant warraja"
You can't simply walking home

Primary school children have told me
To go back to my country
On the bus, you’ve avoided
People are too scared to sit near you
And even though I think and feel
Just like any one of you
You still talk down to me
You belittle me
"Ghax dan l-iswed ma jaf xejn"

In this country
I’ve been refereed to as
Monkey man
The token black guy in the group
Xadina tal-coco pops
Haga sewda
Tifel tax-xitan
Bil-hmieg tad-dnubijiet
Li ghamel ommok
Ghax hi marret ma isswed

No no,
I will go back to my country
Even though I know it means my death
Your message has been heard loud and clear!
The more you push,
The less I want you near
But I won’t go by plane
How I had originally came
But by boat
So that way,
If I sink and drown
I’ll reach the bottom
And be with my people

The people who know
That life
That living
Is worth
Trying not-to die for!
Stoned Adventurer
Written by
Stoned Adventurer  29/M/Malta
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