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Jun 2013
Purple Cow

I've never seen a purple cow
though I have been inside a purple haze
things are different between then and now
when I stumbled around for many dayz

standing in corners watching the crowd
yellow barrels of sunshine enlightened view
Mr Hendrix's Watchtower 90 decibels loud
smiling faces thinking that we really knew  

it seemed so simple peace and love
not very real but I so miss those times
burn the bra olive branch and dove
now I just sit and think up rhymes

Dylan's monotone with catchy words
Gracie had her rabbit of white
he was a friend of mine sang out the Byrds
another hit of fresh air tonite

Vietnam changed things so much
yet still again the money rules
you would have thought we had the touch
but once again we are the fools

so maybe it is time once again
to raise up our voices and show them how
we will not just stand around and grin  
maybe it's time to see that purple cow

Gomer LePoet ....
wars, drugs and political turmoil. maybe it needs to happen again?
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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