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Jun 2020
I awaken to a sound
I sit up slowly and look around
The room is full of shadows
The gloom makes them dance but none of that matters
I tell myself it's all in my head
And the fact the previous owner was found last year dead
In this very same bed
Is making me jumpy and grabbing a bat
I walk to the hallway instead
Lead by my own fears but trying to face them
And looking down at the long stairs
It's dark at the bottom but I try not to care
I think I see movement below
Do I stay here, put on a brave show
The answer I already know
As I run to my room and now lock the door
It's ok to call the police
They could drive by and look in at least
I quickly get under the sheets
And sit there a moment shaking in fear
I turn on the light on my phone
And that's when I realise that I'm not alone
Not really
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