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Jun 9
The man lays on the side of the road,
Looking raggedy and feeling old,

Bandanna on his head,
And wearing ripped jeans,

His mind thinks back,
to the good times in his teens,

In the heat of the day,
He sits and he sings.

Only his guitar for company,
As he plucks at the strings,

In his hey day, he had lived like a king,
Now he sits alone counting his sins,.

Remembering all the people, who have come and gone,
Sometimes the days can seem so long,

In a blink of an eye life can change,
So be kind to other's, As you bask in your glory,

Don't be so quick to judge,
Because we don't know their story.
As t accidentally posted my draft of this poem a few days ago , I thought I'd post the finished version now. Hope you enjoy.
Poetic justice
Written by
Poetic justice  37/M/Uk
   SEN and Ellie Sutton
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