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Jun 8

On the edge of giving in,
there is a message,  she never stops hearing..

the one that tells her that she is '*****'
that everything done, was all her fault
that she is not worth my time
nor of the love  that I have for her--

a love,  for her well-being
not,  of one for her demise
yet still, she is reluctant
and the fault of it all, is my own..

I am from the family of man
and carry within me,  also
a fallen kind of love
yet, still.. I believe
and it sets me apart..  
though, still  down here

to things more apt
to be from above

Yet, still.. she is reluctant;
the message within her--
               it runs so deep

and I pray to the lord:
oh please, lay me down-
but her beautiful soul, here
please  do  keep.

And  I, myself.. am angry at the lord's
to mercifully allow mine
to go to sleep.

Qui diceris Paraclitus a iaculis pretium,
Mitte unitatis et pacis in mundo;
Contentiones sint in ultima posse de nobis putabis

Et a morte ad vitam.
Written by
     A W Bullen and BR Dragos
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