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Jun 2020
Hope shines bright
Vigorous orange wisps
Engulfing my sight
Eclipsing numberless edifice

I am drawn to you my light
Bathing my presence with your warmth
glow tonight

The setting of the sun
Marks the most beautiful part of day
A mellow everglow
Prismatic flowers enwreathing
my heart with snug

The setting of the sun
Marks the Remains of the Day
Not one of solemn rainy mist
But one of graceful frosted tint
Showing me strength that lies within

A time of day
Not too late nor too early
For a Butler's life a sight to marry
It fills his heart with love,
old but gold
passion untold.
I hope you're feeling better now
Illusory hope that never burns
as days go
dreary, colourless.

Till whens't his love will be expressed
Will let his days no more repressed

Warmth glow of evening light
Fuel him with hope
to drive and fight
To see the same sight
My evening light.
Written by
Soloy  22/M/Singapore
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