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Jun 2020
7 Phases of the Moon
Basking in the pale light
Flight slight like a flash
of light

Was once running slow in a
Past Life, with the future me
presently in hindsight,
Purposely ditching the Limelight

Or was I just simply floating
Pass Life?

While losing sight of my Insight
Caught staring at these triple beam
That were too bright for my
Yet, was never dim in the Sunlight

Yes.. I remember this
The Sunshine was never too bright

Man ( SMH ) But in the end?

I can see I'm just a poor man with
Poor Sight

And I can see I got..
Many onlookers looking on from the
Porch Light

But then?
They only visit for a Fortnight
Then steal away after Midnight
For I only have..
30 days to change

That's 30 days and 30 nights

So why do you neglect
The Vision.. of a true

I can see right through the Pixels
of your Pictionary

With these..
Two Pupils no longer dilated
By the non-illuminating style
of your Critiques




Egø P r O f E T a
Written by
Egø P r O f E T a  @erik_trell_blazer
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