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Jun 2020
Im tired of feeling upset and uncomfortable when people for the first time ever experience that nauseating sensation of having to tip toe.

I’m irritated that political  correctness is even something to discuss.

I spend my life speaking kindly, minding what I say and sparing others. The fact that we live in a day in age where people say “Its just so strange for me to...” or “This is all so new for me...” as if it’s the first time in their life theyve ever worried about upsetting someone, like *******.

Why should I be upset that youre just now having to learn how to be considered? Why should your feelings matter?

You’re not the victims so please stop apologizing and acting like one.

If you never learned that maybe other people have feelings and can be hurt; hey you learned something new and that makes you a better person.

But get over it.

Its uncomfortable to speak about oppression or injustice? How would you feel if you were the one being spoken about? Grow a pair.
Written by
Alyce McCormick  26/F
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