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Jun 2013
"Your eyes look wild," she says with tired concern.
It must be true, but it can't be helped.

My thoughts feel feral,
gnawing at themselves like a confused animal
with a wounded foot.

In your dream this morning you were running late,
fumbling with leather straps of equipment
that used to fit you better.

You heard their voices through the walls.
Sounds without form.
Your friends are skating on fresh ice.

Lonely, hungry, bleeding in the brush
the feral does not wish for company.
He does not remember he is alone.

But cold skin wishes for sun,
empty bellies whisper of food,
thirst does not ask, but orders a drink.
Your next breath is not a choice.

Life does not always find a way,
but Death does,
like water finding the end of every crack.

What Life finds it steals from Death,
and plays with like a toy,
until the toy becomes the player.
Gregory K Nelson
Written by
Gregory K Nelson  39/M/Connecticut
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