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Jun 2013
Awkward conversations with nothing to say
When i took this path I wasn’t looking this way
So **** me right for not knowing what to do
When you think I have to put on a show for you

Don’t tell me I’m funny awesome or cool
When all you want to know about me is on the outside
I don’t think that there’s many fools
Who would want to get to know me anyways

Being weird and being normal are just social constructs for you to feel comfortable
Stop taking the soul out of others to fuel your own never ending hole
I don’t take lightly all the things I set out to do
When and if I ever come around Ill be sure your the first one to know  

Too many of us are lost in finding ourselves
When we should be finding others to help and be helped
When will we stop this individualist game
We aren’t the center of the universe
So lets fight for something.
Hersch Rothmel
Written by
Hersch Rothmel
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