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Jun 2013
A strong woman makes you feel safe on a cold winters day
She does things without being asked or looking for pay
She doesn’t take excuses and gives even less
And even when you feel down she tells you your the best
She puts up with your antics and how crazy you are
But in the end she loves you by far

A strong woman has passion and wants to do all that she can
for not only her family, but for her fellow woman and man
She works her hardest to make her community clean
And never expects to take all the glory

Yes, a strong woman makes sacrifices and makes use of all of her time
Helping make the world a better place in every aspect of her life
Able to make real change where its needed most
Planting seedlings of hope that will most certainly grow

A strong woman takes on so many things
From loving her kids to all the work behind the scenes
All the things that a strong woman does
Are the reasons that I have so much love for my MOM
A poem to my mother
Hersch Rothmel
Written by
Hersch Rothmel
   Jim Ellis
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