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Jun 2020
Poetry is Art
And art is.. War
Like.. Star Wars
as I go
Luke Skywalker
Han.. Solo
Beast mode Chewbacca
to harness the.. Chakra
Forerunner to the Next Generation
The Harbingers of Chaos
Tipping the Cow?
Milking the.. Zebra?
For it's the Black and White
Non-color coordinated
Reaccumulating the Mayhem
to spill.. gray blood
Stone cold colorblind Killas
Pumping the.. Diesel
Yet the Crude Oil is looking
So Crude
Cruel fueled.. adrenaline
But there are no innocent.. people
Shades of Hate ( mixed ) with certain
Shades of.. Gray
But you can't throw shade or make
New Slaves
To furnish a.. Sequel
Cause we?
Be the shady babes of the New Age
Outlaws we the New.. Slaves
While collosal spectacular
Cause a spec-tacular Hazard
Jumping the Gun like a gang of
Regal Dukes of.. Hazards
Doing drive-bys riding fancy in their
Jet Black suits
Unaccepting the Facts
Knowing we?
To be the leaders of the New School
Driving old school Cadillacs
We stay leaning back
With everyone of our hitters
Investigating through our
Spectacle.. Glasses
Now seeing the whole wide world
As a mess of.. Masses
As the old world Spectators speculate
Wearing skeptical.. glasses
( SMH )
We revert your assets back to ashes
Cause we're here to Incinerate
Degenerate and then
The present state of the
Believe it or not I wrote this 5yrs ago. But it is yet another one of those writes that seems to be perfectly fitting for today. And this has always been one of those writes not meant to anger or stir up violence within the people, but to stir up or reincarnate the minds of the people. So whatever your interpretation of this may be, keep in mind, that this is the art of poetry which is similarly to the art of war.
Egø P r O f E T a
Written by
Egø P r O f E T a  @erik_trell_blazer
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